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DTE Surge Protection

Protect Your Home

from Power Surges

Safeguard Your Home

Protect your home and belongings from expensive repairs and replacement costs by signing up for Surge Protection.

Surges caused by lightning, branches falling on wires, and other sources can damage your electronics, appliances, and even your home's entire electrical system.

Our Surge Protection Program offers:

Quick and easy installation of a surge protection device — no appointment necessary

Whole home protection for your electronics and appliances

Free replacement of your surge protection device if it wears down

Get protected today for a low monthly charge of $9.99.

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Congratulations, You’re Plugged In

As a DTE Surge Protection customer, you are protecting your home from expensive repairs and replacement should a power surge hit your home.

Surges caused by lightning, branches falling on wires, and other sources can damage your electronics, appliances, and even your home's entire electrical system.

Program Benefits

Whole-home protection for your electronics and appliances

Warranty plan for major appliances that experience power surge damage

Free replacement of your surge protection device if it wears down

Why Whole-Home Surge Protection

Electrical surges are a leading cause of electrical equipment failure.

Modern appliances and electronics are smaller, faster, and more sophisticated, making them highly susceptible to power surge damage. 

Small surges happen every day when equipment like HVAC and refrigerators cycle on and off.

A home can experience up to 150 surges a month, which can cause wear and tear and lead to expensive repairs and replacement.

A more dramatic surge, from a lightning strike up to a mile away or a falling tree branch on electrical wires, can jolt your home and damage electronics and major appliances in an instant.

DTE's whole home surge protection device can handle surges eight times greater than that of a typical surge protection strip.

A large power surge that takes out your electrical system can leave you inconvenienced for weeks with expensive repair bills.

Just because you haven't experienced a power surge in the past, doesn't mean you won't experience one in the future. It can happen at any time.

Installed outside at your electric meter, surge protection equipment blocks harmful power surges without interrupting the steady flow of electricity your home needs.

Your home is protected as soon as the device is installed by our technicians.

How Surge Protection Works


A state-of-the-art surge protection device will be installed in less than 30 minutes — no appointment needed.


Whole-home surge protection covers large appliances you can't plug into power surge strips (furnace, dishwasher, etc.).


Our warranty plan is backed by a $5,000 per instance or $50,000 lifetime repair or replacement warranty. And we'll replace your device for free if it stops working.

Surge Protection Program Benefits

Whole-Home Protection

Enrolling in our Surge Protection Program is like plugging your whole home into a power strip. The surge protection device captures surges and sends them to ground before they enter your home.


A state-of-the-art surge protector gets installed at your meter. Installation is free and monthly rates are far less than the cost of replacing a damaged electrical system.

Peace of Mind

We stand behind our Surge Protection Program with a warranty that will help replace or repair your appliances — up to $5,000 per instance — should your surge device fail to do its job.

Storm Surge Device and Installation

What’s a whole home surge protector?

Enrolling in Surge Protection is like plugging your whole home into a power strip. You can think of a whole home surge protector like a filter. The device lets in the electricity your home needs and blocks harmful temporary power surges before they can enter your home and cause damage.

Do I have to be home during installation?

No. DTE will install the surge protection device outside at your electric meter. There are no appointments or permits necessary and installation typically takes less than 20 minutes. You should plan for a brief interruption of service to allow for device installation.

How do I know if the device on my meter is working?

The surge protection device DTE utilizes has a red indicator light that illuminates when it’s functioning properly. If the device takes a heavy power surge, the indicator light may go out and the device will need to be replaced. If the indicator light goes out on your device, call DTE and we will install a new one at no additional cost to you.

Should I still use surge protection strips?

Yes. In order to provide the most protection, we recommend a ''layered'' surge protection system including whole home surge protection, and surge protection strips.

Program Warranty and Commitment

What appliances are covered under warranty?

Major appliances such as refrigerators, clothes washers/dryers, dishwashers, freezers, furnaces, and many other appliances also known as “white appliances” are covered under warranty up to $5,000 per instance. Though your electronic devices such as TVs, computers and gaming systems will be protected, they are not covered under the replacement warranty.

How long do I need to stay enrolled?

There is a one-year commitment to the program. If at any time you are unsatisfied with the program, please contact us so we can make things right.

Who can I contact for more information?

Email or call (833) 452-0224

Learn more about the Surge Protection Program's Terms and Conditions.

Get protected today for a low monthly charge of $9.99 plus a one-time set-up charge of the surge protector device.