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$9.99  Monthly

For a low monthly fee, you are protected against costly tree clean up and trimming expenses if your home experiences a sustained power outage.* Sign in or call us at 844-269-5565 to enroll today!

When you’re enrolled in DTE’s TreeGuard Assurance program, you’re protected if you experience any sustained power outage.* The TreeGuard Assurance program gives you peace of mind – for $9.99 per month.


How it works: After an outage is reported and power is restored, simply contact us either online at or by phone at 844-269-5565 to file a claim. We’ll send a certified tree crew to cut and remove all tree debris associated with the power outage. To help prevent future outages, our crew will also trim back tree interference within a five-foot radius of the service line.


A fallen tree limb often means double trouble – an outage and a mess. With TreeGuard Assurance you get protection against the costs of tree debris clean-up. Our expert teams support reliable power and healthy trees. 


TreeGuard Assurance is an elective program covering tree-related power outages that impact service lines. Tree trimming near the service line is the responsibility of the property owner. Because service lines are live and dangerous, we recommend a professional tree trimming service to perform the work.


*A sustained power outage is any unplanned outage that affects the entire home and lasts longer than 5 minutes